Krista Papista is a Greek Cypriot / Australian artist, music producer & video director based in London. 

Born & raised in Nicosia, Cyprus; she spent her teenagehood forming feminist punk bands, recording them with DIY tape recorders in her parents basement. 

Papista moved to London at 18, to study Performance Art and Digital Media at Kingston University. 

Her current work is focused on reimagining the power structures of Cypriot, Greek and Turkish ethnic rituals, investigating and critiquing nationalism & cultural heritage through complex historical & visual sound portraits of her own personal myth and narratives.

Papista has produced and released several EP's, music videos, movie soundtracks and two albums, with her latest one being, anti-nationalist album Sultana ; she is currently working on her third album - "Ethnopapistology".

Her work has been presented and published in Ars Electronica, Venice Bienalle, Crack Magazine, Heroines of Sound, while in 2019 she was the headliner of the Queer Arts Festival in Greece.